Balancing Body & Spirit with the Chakras

By Brigid Brennan, yoga teacher If you have ba een to handful of yoga classes, chances are you have heard of the chakra system. According to Indian philosophy, there are

10-day spring yoga challenge

We’re inviting you all to join our 10-day yoga challenge. And you know what – even though we have prepared 10 different poses with 3 variations for 10 days, we

Spring Ayurveda – bring lightness and joy into your life

Spring Ayurveda. You’ve probably heard it at least 10 times by now, but here goes – the spring is here! It’s the time of rebirth, cleanse and new beginnings. According

Business for good – can we talk about it?

By Milda Urban, Summersalt yoga founder Social responsibility, contributing to something that makes the world a little bit better place – especially for those living in less fortunate places of

Why I choose a plant based diet

By Cynthia Mitchell Why not choose a plant-based diet? My diet for the past 13 years has been plant-based, and over the years I have been faced with many comments

What is this SUP yoga thing?

By Rosie Markwick, Summersalt Yoga teacher SUP yoga is a fairly new craze that is hitting the US, Asia and slowly creeping its way over to European shores. It is

The Madame Guru: Tessa Petrich – there is too much at stake for women

By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder When Tessa came to Vis this past summer and joined one of our retreats literally everyone fell in love with her within seconds. Her

So, what’s happening in Vis and Croatia?

It goes without saying that we simply love our little island of Vis and Croatia, so every time something cool, new, interesting or special happens we’re glued to the screen,

Recipe: chia pudding with blueberries

An easy, delicious and simple recipe for a great breakfast or afternoon snack. Chia pudding can be very versatile by just changing up the toppings. Our recipe uses plant milk


By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder It’s the end of the year and we all look to the past year to check where we are and to see where are

11 perfect Christmas gifts for yogis

Tis’ the season and although last year we’ve promised ourselves that this year we’ll get our Christmas gifts sorted way in advance, let’s be honest – we still need at

Artist Dimitra Kousteridou – if one is really passionate about a subject in their lives, it is still a form of art

Interview by Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga retreat founder Dimitra, who we have met at our retreat in Portugal, is a gentle, beautiful soul, a true and genuine artist, who just by