Five Steps to Living Yoga

By Rosie Moreton, yoga teacher As a yoga teacher who spends part of her life teaching in intense retreat environments, and part of her life floating from place to place with

What is stopping women?

By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder We, women, think a lot. All the time. About big things and little things. Sometimes we find some answers, many times – we’re stuck

Guest review: welcome to paradise island

By Kirsi Liikkanen, Summersalt yoga retreat guest As I arrived after a nice ferryboat trip to the paradise island of Vis, taxi was already waiting and brought us to the

Fall New moon – a clean slate

By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder New Moon is always a time for new beginnings and intentions – big or small. The first new moon in the Fall – when

September Equinox – the spiritual importance of change

By Milda Urban, Summersalt yoga founder To most people, the late summer is always filled with change and a mix of emotions. The end of September is also meaningful because

Kleshas – the obstacles to our spiritual journey

By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder As many yoga practitioners know – the final gift of one’s yoga and life’s journey is bliss (also known as Samadhi, moksha, enlightenment). It

The Secret Gardens of Vis Island

By Jade McSorley for Summersalt Yoga  Walking around the narrow streets of Vis Island, through alleyways and stone arches, signs of botanical and human life seep through the nooks and

The importance of breathing

By Igne Aleliunas, for Summersalt Yoga Breathing is, well… important. Breathing ensures that all of our vital organs receive enough oxygen to function, keeping us alive. And, ironically, breathing is

New Moon ceremony – set your intentions to the Universe

Ahh, the New Moon – this magical time where the energy is all about the new beginnings and new opportunities. It’s the time where we take a look at our

Pratyahara – Withdrawing the senses in order to find sense

By Lauren C. Brady, SummerSalt Yoga teacher “Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind” – Patanjali I never really thought of myself as a particularly fiery person

Build your practice, turn inward and honour your body

By Sarah Henderson, Summersalt yoga teacher What’s the difference between the active, yang classes and restorative, yin classes practised at the retreats and elsewhere? Let’s take a look! Yang/Sun sessions:

Reflect. Breathe. Balance

By Jade McSorley for Summersalt Yoga Sure, I can lay on a beach on my vacation, working persistently on a tan than will probably never appear on my pale-ass British