Yoga: A Practice of Balance

By Leah Sugerman, Summersalt yoga teacher  Yoga, above all else, is a practice of balance: a balance between effort and ease, a balance between strength and flexibility, a balance between


By Vanessa Fleming, Summersalt Yoga teacher  Imagine floating on the blue and turquoise sea, with the sun sparkling on the waters and nothing but the sky is above you, and

5 things I’ve learned through yoga

By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder The physical benefits of yoga are quite well known by anyone who has taken at least a couple of classes (yes, the first class

Meet the artist Igne: art is a great way to spread ideas

Today we’re introducing our last artist joining us this summer – travel writer, foodie, cook-book author and just a cool girl Igne from Lithuania. “Art is a universal language. It’s

Meet the artist Catalina: art is a universal language

All our yoga people, let us introduce our second artist in residence – painter, watercolorist and of course yoga enthusiasts Catalina. This talented Spanish girl will not only use her paintbrush

Meet the artist Jade: I hope, through my writing, I can explore more ways of living sustainably

This summer we’re having 3 amazing artists doing their residencies at our retreat center. We love how art and conversation can elevate our spirits, wellbeing and change perspective on life.

Thai Massage: it is a lifelong study and review

By Vanessa Fleming, yoga teacher  Intuition. It’s a powerful magic that lives within all of us. It’s also known as your “gut.” We often ignore our gut. We think that

The Madame Guru: Erin Maxner – we can’t just wish for change, we have to make it happen ourselves

By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder Friends, I’m so happy to introduce another wonderful lady to our “The Madame Guru” series. We’ve met Erin last year and her sweetness (she’s

The top 10 must visit places on Vis island

The island of Vis is our home during the spring, summer and fall and it is a magical place to be! We’re happy that tour guests can call it their

Spring wellness and feel-good inspiration

The spring is heeeere (cue Oprah’s voice here). After the long and grey winter, warmer and sunnier days are as welcome as a dessert after the #whole30challenge. At this time

Balancing Body & Spirit with the Chakras

By Brigid Brennan, yoga teacher If you have ba een to handful of yoga classes, chances are you have heard of the chakra system. According to Indian philosophy, there are

10-day spring yoga challenge

We’re inviting you all to join our 10-day yoga challenge. And you know what – even though we have prepared 10 different poses with 3 variations for 10 days, we