Welcome to Summersalt Yoga Retreats

Where your unique yoga holiday experience awaits.

Here at Summersalt Yoga, we live off our passion for yoga, stand up paddle and incredible travel adventures. And there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than sharing these passions with you – our tribe and a new family – at our unique and specially tailored yoga retreats, SUP yoga retreats and travel adventures on the magical Vis island in Croatia.

Our mission is to bring you a boutique, and family vibe fuelled retreat that provides a high-quality yoga holiday experience, connects like-minded people into a community and helps them concentrate into the philosophy and lifestyle of yoga and peace.

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Yoga With a View

Yoga is so much more than a pose. But everything starts with simply stepping on the mat first.

Every day at our sessions, we explore different styles of yoga, be it a mix of Hatha, powerful vinyasa, yin or calming restorative practice. Each class has time devoted to meditation, pranayama, self-awareness and consciousness. With every day, you will develop more flexibility, strength, body awareness, as well as create mental tranquillity, space for new ideas and perspectives.

And it all starts with a single step.



Stand Up Paddle Retreats

SUP (stand up paddleboarding) is an incredible way to connect to nature, elements around us and our inner selves.

Floating on the crystal clear waters brings a sense of belonging, let’s us forget the troubles and live in the moment. Practising SUP yoga is a chance to take a different perspective on your practice. And even if it looks challenging – anyone from a beginner to a longer practising yogi can do it. The morning stand-up paddleboard yoga sessions on the SUP boards on the peaceful and calm Adriatic waters will help build confidence day by day, inspires to try new things and leaves everyone elated and with a sense of achievement by the end of the week.

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The Adventure Retreats

Adventures make life so much more interesting and exciting!

Discovering new places, experiencing new things and living in the moments keep us inspired for many months after being back to our daily lives.

The remote and stunning island of Vis is a dream destination for a yoga and adventure holiday. Moments of meditation inspired by the sea and turquoise waters, daily yoga classes complement the daily exploration of beaches, hiking trails, caves, history and of course – cuisine. And all in a wonderful company!



Vis Island

The island of Vis is a magical place in the Mediterranean Croatia where the pressure and rush of the outside world becomes a distant memory.

Breath-taking nature, laid-back lifestyle, friendly locals and gorgeous beaches make it the ultimate yoga retreat and holiday destination.

The rugged coast around the island, dotted with gorgeous coves, caves, sand and pebble beaches, the crystal clear sea, surrounding islets and a spectacular green inland make it a paradise on earth.

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