Flight and airline guide to Split 2019

The majority of flights are operated by airlines listed below as they have many connecting and direct flights to Split for affordable prices. The airlines cover all major countries in

SUP yoga experience in Vis

By Vanessa Fleming, Summersalt Yoga teacher “Feel each and every fibre in your muscles, root to top. Move with integrity, and feel each and every single step, down to your

Why solo travel is a must

By Nika Bosnic for Summersalt Yoga I did my first solo travel one year ago. One week in Bali was long enough to get the first taste of how it

Meditation: Benefits, How to Start & Beginner Practices

By Sarah Henderson, Summersalt yoga teacher Are you thinking about starting a personal meditation practice, but don’t know what’s it’s all about or how to start? If you’ve never been

A Beginner’s Guide to Yin Yoga

By Sarah Henderson, Summersalt Yoga teacher Yin yoga is a very slow, passive yoga practice, that increases the range of motion in your joints, and cultivates mindfulness and emotional well-being.

Taking care of our planet

By Milda Urbonaite, Summersalt Yoga founder As some of you may know, giving back is one of the goals for our work. We have had an amazing year in 2018

7 Day At-Home Yoga Retreat for Total Balance

Friends, we’re so happy to introduce to you our very first ever online at-home yoga retreat together led by our beloved teacher Leah Sugerman. This at-home online yoga retreat is designed

5 Yoga Poses to Open Your Hamstrings

By Leah Sugerman, Summersalt yoga teacher In our sitting-centered world, the hamstrings are some of the first muscles to become excessively tight. Stretching them is super important for the health

Finding your own truth (?)

By Vanessa Fleming, Summersalt Yoga teacher Today, I sat down with my journal and started to write. Whenever I feel any sort of internal turmoil or confusion that I can’t

(Not)getting ahead of yourself in the New Year

By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder Friends, can you believe that’ Christmas is only in a few days? Oh what a joy! And the New Year is almost here too

A year in giving

We feel that giving back is one of the most important things people, businesses and organizations can and should do. We are so fortunate in this life and making someone

Our teacher Sarah: Once I started on this journey, there was no going back

We’re very happy to introduce to you a wonderful teacher for our summer Balance Yoga Retreats – Sarah Henderson! She’s a passionate yogi who loves sharing her experience and guide