The Yogic Code of Conduct: Yamas & Niyamas

By Leah Sugerman, Summersalt yoga teacher Most of us know yoga as a physical exercise class to help us gain strength and flexibility. But, yoga’s roots run much deeper. The

New Moon ceremony – set your intentions to the Universe

Ahh, the New Moon – this magical time where the energy is all about the new beginnings and new opportunities. It’s the time where we take a look at our

What is stopping women?

By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder We, women, think a lot. All the time. About big things and little things. Sometimes we find some answers, many times – we’re stuck

Five Steps to Living Yoga

By Rosie Moreton, yoga teacher As a yoga teacher who spends part of her life teaching in intense retreat environments, and part of her life floating from place to place with

Why we all love being by the water?

By Rosie Markwick, Summersalt yoga teacher It is not new news that a lot of humans feel naturally compelled towards the water. Water has been used throughout time and across

5 cheesy quotes that mindful people know are true

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How to choose a yoga retreat?

We might be a little biased here, but yoga retreats can be one of the best ways to travel and recharge. What can be better than yoga and meditation to

Recipe: red lentil coconut dahl

By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder Red lentils are always a winner! I love that this interpretation on lentil dahl is so quick and easy to make and trust me

Yoga nutrition: natural, easy, moderate

By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder The right nutrition is one of the key elements to keep your yoga exercise and experience complete and the most fulfilling. Learn more about

The 7 day “FEEL GOOD” summer action plan

By Nika Bosnic, for Summersalt Yoga With the arrival of summertime (just a few more days until the summer officially begins!) we see different action plans popping up everywhere: diet,

Top 5 amazing yoga books you must read!

By Milda Urban Everybody knows yoga’s physical benefits – it increases flexibility, strengthens your muscles, trains your ability to concentrate, and much more. But we can assure you – there

Finding your authentic flow in yoga practice

By Ana Jovicic Our bodies are slightly different every single day. How can you modify the yoga practice to meet your ever-changing needs and intentions? If we would consciously stop