How to choose a yoga retreat?

We might be a little biased here, but yoga retreats can be one of the best ways to travel and recharge. What can be better than yoga and meditation to unwind and center yourself, good healthy food to nourish your body and new friends to discover the destination.

There are ways to make sure that the retreat experience turns out to be just the way you want it and you have the yoga holiday to be remembered.

We’ve put together a list of 7 important things to take into consideration before booking your yoga retreat.


First and foremost, think about where you’d like to go location wise. Even if it may not be your main priority for the yoga retreat, choosing the right location is very important as the environment plays an important role in your emotions as well.

Do you want to go to warm or tropical destination? Or maybe you’re looking for the opposite – some place you can cool off and enjoy mild weather? Are you a beach lover or are mountains your preference? Find out what is the scenery like and what will be the weather conditions before booking.

Another thing to consider is reachability – do you want easy travel from the airport and a location nearby or are you okay to switch a few means of transportation to arrive? Make sure you know how long it takes to get from the airport to the retreat center in advance so you don’t get blind-sided.

Lastly – do you want an “easy” destination where it is simple to get around, talk to the locals, find a coffee shop, a grocery store and you can fully focus on your relaxation or are you looking for a little adventure and to leave your comfort zone? Neither is better than the other, but make sure you know which one are you getting.

Yoga teacher

You do not need a yoga retreat with a celebrity yogi, but make sure you read up a little bit on the teacher before you choose the holiday. Read the bio, find out about their credentials and experience, the style of yoga they teach. Social media can also be helpful in feeling out their “vibe” (do not rely too much on it though!). Most of the teachers are great, but if you’re looking for kundalini classes, a strong power yoga teacher might not be your best choice.

Yoga style and classes

Same as with the yoga teacher, make sure you know what you’re getting. There are so many yoga styles today, so be aware of what kind of classes are offered at the yoga retreat. You do not need to know the outlines of each class, but check the yoga style (is the same you’re practicing, do you want something new, is it something that resonates with you on a bigger picture?), how many classes per day will you have, how long will they be and whether it is a beginner, mixed or advanced students yoga retreat.

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Retreat theme and vibe

Not all retreats have a specific theme and that’s just fine, but read the description well to figure out will it be a stricter retreat ashram style, a relaxed holiday with some outings, no-phone retreat etc.  Check out the schedule, the photos and the social media to figure out the “vibe” and see whether it correlates with your expectations. It would not be great if you’re expecting a chill week with an occasional beer in hand and you get to a place that bans not only alcoho, but also has 9 pm curfew (and the other way around!)

Groups size and focus

Different yoga retreats have different sized groups. Smaller groups are great for those who’re looking to connect with all the guests, who’d like some more personal attention from the teacher and who like a more chill vibe. Bigger groups bring more energy for those who are looking for a camp-like experience with more buzz.

Make sure you know whether the retreat is focused on some specific experience or gender of the participant’s so you can see if that’s for you.

balance yoga retreat vis croatia

Other activities

Some people love when everything is organized and all they need to do is show up – retreats with some included tours or offered activities will be perfect for those. Some people love doing everything by themselves and on their own schedule, so a retreat with just yoga and some meals included and lot of free time will be better for them.


Finally – the $$$. How much are you willing to spend? What kind of accommodations are you looking for and what can you get for the budget you have? There are different tiers of yoga retreats starting from budget ones with large shared rooms to luxurious retreats in 5 star hotels. It will be easier to narrow down your search field when eliminating those that don’t work for you.

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