Here at Summersalt Yoga, we live off our passion for yoga, stand up paddling, travel adventures and new connections. And there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than sharing these passions with you at our unique and specially tailored yoga retreats and SUP yoga retreats on our beloved island of Vis in Croatia.

Whether it is an adventure retreat or a SUP yoga experience, we strive for the best to give you a week and memories that will stay with you for a long time. If you are a yoga teacher and are looking for a place to host your own retreat – get in touch too, we love working with our community. 

Finally, we strongly believe in one world and the notion of giving back. We ARE one. Supporting communities in need, and vital issues is very important to us. For a 3rd year now we are a part of the B1G1 organization which focuses on such impacts and more. We are so grateful to YOU, our yogis, for helping us reach these goals! 

Summersalt Yoga Founder, teacher, manager

Milda Urban

I am a travel junkie (was it mentioned already?), yogi (200-hour YTT), SUP-er, I love dogs, books, good TV shows and movies, music (give me Pearl Jam, White Stripes or Jamiroquai any day!) and sleeping in. I am very passionate about the environment and animal welfare (and I try to eat plant-based as much as possible), women’s rights and common sense. But most of all I love meeting new and old people, because they are the essence of life and make it so much better, interesting and more fun!

Milda is a former journalist has worked almost 10 years in health, fitness and lifestyle magazines writing articles and features on these topics. She has also worked as a business reporter and in a few international business social responsibility projects, focusing on encouraging green business.
After that Milda has changed her career path to tourism and now works as event and active travel organizer. What better work can you find for an absolute travel junkie?! Her love of healthy lifestyle, yoga and the outdoors has brought her to the perfect job – organizing yoga and adventure retreats where she shares her passions with all the participants. She is also a vegetarian and vegan chef and enjoys cooking immensely!
One of her goals in organizing the retreats is to run a socially responsible and green business in order to keep the entire vision of the holiday united – a complete harmony of the people and nature.

Coordinator, tour and SUP guide

Mario Tomasovic

In my free time I am a little bit of a sports geek – I enjoy playing football and running (but not too much of it), I also recently discovered stand up paddling and am addicted to it now. I follow every possible sport and sporting event. Apart from sports, I simply love to travel (but who doesn’t) …whether it’s a trip to a local island in Croatia, a weekend road trip, or a bigger trip abroad, I love it all! And yes, my grandpa has a little vineyard and an olive orchard. I am trying to learn the tricks of the trade so that I can carry on our family tradition of wine and olive oil making.

Being born in Split, a 1700 years old Roman built town, it was a mater of time when will he start showing interest in history and travel since Split has always been filled with travelers (and their interesting stories!) from all over the world.
After graduating history courses Mario became a licensed official tour guide for the Central Dalmatian region, so he will keep you amused during all our excursions on Vis. Mario is also working as an event organizer and logistic coordinator, so he’s an important contributor to each part of our retreat!

SUP Yoga teacher

Rosie Markwick

I love seeing the moment, or moments, when students realize how good it can feel to be really in your own body. Yoga, bodywork, getting outside, physical adventures are all incredible tools to explore what it is like to really be in your body. And the journey to embodiment really is a beautiful one to witness.

Originally from London, Rosie has been passionately engaged with yoga for the past 7 years. Exploration of the yogic arts (and a constant yearning for sunnier climates) has taken to her on adventures across South East Asia and Australasia, diving deeper into the teachings on the way.
Rosie trained first and foremost in Bali, completing a Yoga Alliance 200-hour training. This was swiftly followed by a SUP yoga teacher training after falling in love with the practice on tropical lagoons of Indonesia. Since, she has furthered her qualifications in both yoga and SUP, completing a SUP instructor course as well as trainings in yin yoga, yoga energetics and craniosacral therapy. Rosie’s dynamic classes focus on healthy alignment and core stability, fused with creative flows and her yin classes focus on yoga psychology and energetics. All of her classes are powerful, inclusive and deeply healing.

Rosie founded and runs a SUP business on London’s regents canal (not quite the tropics but urban charm nonetheless!) and has worked in studios across Bali and London both as a yoga and SUP yoga teacher since qualifying. She has also facilitated numerous retreats and is deeply passionate about the power of combining yoga, SUP, adventure & nature to aid personal connection and transformation.

With a background in eastern psychology and as a qualified health and wellness coach, Rosie is passionate about yoga as a body work therapy. Her intention is to guide and support individuals on the journey back into their body. And combining all these skills to help people return to balance – physically, emotionally and energetically.

SUP Yoga teacher

Caroline Graham-Wood

I found yoga a wonderful experience for myself and love guiding yogis of different abilities through their practice, helping them learn, develop and expand their practice.

I started specialising in SUP when I was living on a cenote and a friend came with some boards and we played around on them. I saw another teacher giving a SUP yoga class one day and I thought, wow this is my dream, I want to do this.

Caroline Graham-Wood is an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher who teaches both in London and internationally, leading yoga retreats in unique locations around the world. With over ten years of teaching experience, her classes range from the power of breathwork and pranayama to Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga. Qualified in Vedic Meditation and a practitioner of The Wim Hof method, Caroline can guide you on your way on the mat or the water, as a certified Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga teacher also. Caroline enjoys instructing students of every experience level, in a variety of settings!

Caroline works your body and mind with a focus on building strength, improving flexibility and engaging muscles through dynamic asanas. Through creative sequencing and attention to detail, Caroline encourages yogis to move freely, deeply and mindfully. Caroline has been teaching yoga since 2011 and incorporates anatomy, physiology, the science of Ayurveda, spirituality and more in her classes. She believes that with all of this combined, students will acquire the tools to find a balanced mind and centred spirit. Her students understand that yoga should complement your life and be a source of pleasure and discovery on and off the mat.

Yoga teacher

Leah Sugerman

I love to witness transformation, in any form. I love watching a formerly inflexible student touch their toes! I love watching a student who has recently experienced a great loss feel the cathartic release of the practice. I love experiencing the transformation inside myself as my students affect me much more than they could even realize.

Leah is a yoga teacher, writer and passionate world traveler. From Leah’s very first encounter with yoga, she was hooked. She fell in love with the pure dichotomy of the practice: the stark contrast between the strength and power compared to the grace and surrender. She enjoys the beautiful dance between the two extremes that happens on (and off!) her mat every day. Leah has been a passionate, dedicated practitioner since her very first class.

A grateful student of her vastly knowledgeable teachers, Leah teaches a fusion of the many styles that she has studied with a strong emphasis on breath, alignment and the sacred balance between effort and ease in the practice. Her classes find equal emphasis on strength building of the mind, body and soul, as well as flexibility of the same. Leah has teaching experience in Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Thailand, Croatia and more.

When Leah is not teaching, she can be found practicing handstands in the sand, surfing a beautiful coastline, chasing the sun, finding magic and eloquence playing with words or traveling to far ends of the globe with her mat in hand.


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