New Moon ceremony – set your intentions to the Universe

Ahh, the New Moon – this magical time where the energy is all about the new beginnings and new opportunities.

It’s the time where we take a look at our life, think about how we feel about the present and what are we looking for in the future.

During the New Moon our creativity, intention setting ability and positive energy is at its highest and that’s why it is the best time to take advantage of it.

How, you ask, dear friend? We suggest a spiritual intention setting New Moon ceremony that anyone can do whether on their own or with their circle of friends’ aka their tribe.

Prepare the ceremony spot

It is up to you where will you do your personal New Moon ceremony – if it’s warm enough outside – it can be your backyard or garden, if it’s chilly – your favorite room will be just as great.

Prepare the spot by cleaning it set up a corner (also sometimes called an altar) to have a special meaning for you.

You can use sage, incense (e.g. Palo Santo) or essential oils to cleanse and infuse the air, shells, rocks, crystals, flowers or branches, candles to set up the area. A scarf or cloth of any kind can also help prepare the area and give it special significance. If you are doing the ceremony as a group – be sure that everyone contributes to this process.

As the space is cleansed and ready, get ready as well – shower, bathe, dress up in new fresh and your favorite clothes.

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Set the mood and atmosphere

Having the appropriate atmosphere set is just as important as the set-up of the altar. That can be a meditative soundtrack, a focus on natural sounds if you’re outside (sea, river, tree leaves or birds chirping) or the sound of a singing bowl.

If you are doing a group ceremony, you can also prepare some healthy snacks – like a board of fruit, veggies – to nourish yourself before the ceremony.


Take a deep breath and meditate for at least few minutes before you start your intention setting ceremony. Sit still, look inward and try to set your mind still.

Set intentions and write them down

Now it’s the time to start setting your intentions and be specific about it. You can even give it a thought a few days before, so you’re not stuck.

The more specific with your intentions and desires you are – the better. Go into details, describe them and make sure you truly believe them to be real and achievable. You must believe it as if you don’t – you won’t be able to manifest it.

Now, even though going into detail is important, do not try to micromanage to Universe – instead of saying “I want to get the X job at the X company” try – “I want to get a fulfilling job at a company that is supportive”. Or don’t say “I want the X man and the X man only”, but go with “I want a man that is loving and on the same life path as me”. Give Universe some space to decide what’s going to work out best for you and not what you specifically think will.

You mustn’t be forceful with your intentions too – they should come with ease and not because you think it’s something you “should” want at this point.

Use a nice pen and notebook to write them and later you will be able to track the progress.

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Say a mantra and visualize

Once you are done, sit for a few minutes and feel the positive energy surrounding the intentions. You can say a mantra, prayer, chant, be grateful for where you are and for where you are going.

Try to visualize your intentions coming true. If you are doing this in a group and feel comfortable – you can share the intentions amongst each other.

When you are done – blow of the candles, incense and move on with your night with a lovely cup of tea.

Put the intention into action

No matter that the energy of the New Moon is in your favor, if you only put your wishes out there, but are doing absolutely nothing to achieve them this all will be pointless (sorry).

If you wished for a new job – start sending out resumes, if you wished for better health – go to that yoga class, if it’s your relationship that needs work – put the work there.

The energy and the Universe is there to support, guide you, but not to do all the work for you.




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