Spring Ayurveda – bring lightness and joy into your life

Spring Ayurveda. You’ve probably heard it at least 10 times by now, but here goes – the spring is here! It’s the time of rebirth, cleanse and new beginnings.

According to Ayurveda, spring is the season of kapha dosha as it is the time of softness, warmth and moisture – the same qualities of kapha.  (direct meaning – “that which flourishes in water”). In addition to that, we experience kapha accumulation from the winter, hence the heaviness we might feel.

The goal here is to balance out the excess of kapha energy and avoid illnesses/discomfort that excess brings. You can do it by taking certain easy steps and adjustments during this wonderful time of year.

Adjusting the diet and lifestyle to bring more dryness, lightness and heat into our lives will support our spring rebirth and revitalisation process.

Spring diet

In spring time, you should focus on fresh fruit and vegetables, which will help during the spring “cleansing” process. Most people start naturally craving this type of foods.


  • Eat a lot of fresh (raw, steamed, cooked) vegetables, legumes, whole grains. When you eat warm foods they should be light and easy to digest. Enjoy cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, bitter greens.
  • Go for bitter, pungent, astringent tastes. Recommended flavor enhancers: ginger, pepper, chili, garlic, onion, various herbs.
  • This is a good time to go on a juice fast, pomegranate and apple juice are recommended.
  • In order to balance out the mucus production you should focus on the purification process – drink a lot of liquids, warm and hot, herbal teas, warm water with honey.


  • Do not overdo watery and heavy veggies like sweet potato, various squash, avocado or cucumber.
  • Avoid heavy, oily, fried foods that you were used to during the cold months. Eat less meat, bread, sea food, nuts, sweets.
  • Do not overeat sour and heavy fruits like bananas, figs, dates, oranges, melons.
  • Minimize your dairy intake, especially in the morning (substitute with plant milks).
  • Eggs, fish, tofu should be eaten in moderation.

Spring lifestyle

It is best to establish a regular morning routine and get up at the same time (earlier, if possible before 6 AM). The routine can be simple – shower, drinking warm water or herbal tea, exercise.

If possible, try to establish a routine for the entire day – that means regular times for work, exercise, meals.

Spring is a great time to be adventurous, playful, so try something new – whether it’s a new hobby or just something fun.

Wear bright and warm colors – don’t be afraid of reds, yellows, oranges in the early spring and blues, greens, whites, purples for later.

It is also great to start incorporating more physical activity to make you feel lighter, warmer and so to balance out the kapha. Challenge yourself with longer and more intensive workouts, but only those that give you pleasure.

It is recommended to do the exercises in the morning and outside when possible, but an evening workout will also bring benefits.

To bring more air and brightness Ayurveda teachings recommend to include pranayama in your practice – it helps to cleanse body from impurities.

Finally, according to Spring Ayurveda and us simply enjoy life – spring is the most beautiful time of the year and we all need it after a long winter!

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