Spring wellness and feel-good inspiration

The spring is heeeere (cue Oprah’s voice here). After the long and grey winter, warmer and sunnier days are as welcome as a dessert after the #whole30challenge.

At this time many of us feel the unity with the nature and the themes of rebirth and renewal.

To offer some inspiration and ideas for your spring arrival we’ve asked the Summersalt yoga ladies Rosie, Leah and Milda to share some of their wellness and good-life favorites for the season and we can’t wait to hear yours too, so leave a comment, tag us in a photo and let’s welcome the spring healthy and happy!


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Rosie. Tahini! I have been enjoying this nutty, flavor-filled condiment of everything at the moment. Amazing with avocado toast and adds a wholesomeness to Salads. Also packed with protein so a real energy giver.

Leah. Refreshing quinoa salad chock full of lots of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables.

Milda. A simple classic, but so good – a morning smoothie. My current favorite is banana, frozen forest berries, orange, leafy greens, peanut butter, flaxseed, amaranth powder and maca!

Body treatment

Rosie. Dry brushing! Bit painful but great for improving circulation in the skin. I also want to try and make the time to do morning coconut body oiling which I used to do when I lived in Bali a lot (and had more time!)

Leah. Lots and lots of Vitamin D from the sun 🙂

Milda. I am super lazy when it comes to this, but I am trying to use body lotion more often as I age (uh…), my favorite one is Neutrogena!

Hair treatment

Rosie Markwich yoga teacher

Rosie. I am the most low maintenance hair person ever! However have recently decided to go back to my auburn roots which has made me want to look after it a little more. So lots of conditioning masks for redheads.

Leah. Saltwater! I swear it does wonders for my hair.

Milda. A natural shampoo. I’ve recently stopped using the regular drug store shampoos as my hair would grease up way too quickly and ever since I’ve started with the all-natural one it makes all the difference in the world.

Face treatment

Rosie. After a long cold winter and teaching quite a bit of a hot yoga I have actually been treating myself to a few holistic facials which have been so lovely for tired, winter skin. It is a bit of a luxury but one that has been making a real difference to how I feel.

Leah. Always just simple coconut oil.

Milda. Rosehip oil! I alternate it with coconut oil, rosehip oil has amazing anti-aging and anti-blemish properties, it’s best to use it in the evenings as even if it’s not comedogenic it is still an oil and it can leave your face a little shiny!


balance yoga retreat vis croatia

Rosie. I am currently holding an intention to spring cleaning my morning routine. So no phones for at least 30 mins on waking and instead waking myself with some gentle movement, a little writing or a cup of tea and meditation.

Leah. Metta (or loving kindness) meditation to send loving intentions and energy out to all beings everywhere. For some reason, this feels especially relevant to me this time of year.

Milda. I’ve started meditating every day with as short as 5 minutes if I can’t do more. I feel like it helps me a lot to keep perspective and not freak out over things that actually are not too serious or important. Sometimes I use an app (I use Insight Timer) for a guided meditation session, sometimes just some nice calming sounds from a Spotify playlist.


Rosie. I am really feeling the urge to get my body really moving, which is often the case as we move into the warmer months. I am really loving my Forest yoga practice at the moment, the focus on the core and grounding elements of the practice. And of course, I can not WAIT to get out on my paddleboard again!

Leah. Backbending! To be honest, backbends are not my favorite postures, but I always gravitate toward them when spring and summer roll around. There’s something so opening and embracing about them. After hunching over and closing off my heart all winter to combat the cold, my body craves openness and expansion when warm weather approaches.

Milda. Yin! That’s my favorite for when my back or shoulders are sore from all the time spent at the desk. I love how calming it is and how I can do 20 minutes even if I don’t feel like exercise. I even bought a book and can’t wait to practice more.


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Rosie. Ah beach! I wish! In the meantime leisure time this Spring will be all about picnics in the park and enjoying the start of the long light evenings that hopefully are on their way. Dinner and wine outside with friends is everything. I am also making an effort to read more fiction at the moment, and currently loving ‘Conversations with friends’ that was gifted to me by one of my favorite friends to have conversations with!

Leah. Beach, beach, beach and then some more beach (with a good book in hand—I’m currently diving into philosophy and devouring the Bhagavad Gita)

Milda. I’ve always been a book nerd, so books it is. Yoga books (Donna Farhis “Bringing yoga to life”), non-fiction (David Eagleman’s “The Brain”) or good ole crime thrillers (Camilla Lackberg’s “The Ice Princess”



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