Cultivate mindfulness in summer months

By Vanessa Fleming, Summersalt Yoga teacher

Summertime is upon us! Which means all kinds of fun! Beach time, outdoor events, festivals, swimming, you name it!

And in summer, it’s easy to abandon our regular routines in lieu of fun and living in the moment. Living in the moment is awesome and amazing! But sometimes it can also mean indulging in some bad habits…one too many beers, one too many barbeques, one too many hours in the sun…

Here are some ways to keep mindfulness about you as the sun turns up and the days stay long.


Make a commitment to keep up the water intake. We forego the water when we are out and about in the summer days and daze, simply because we lose awareness. Make a commitment to drink enough water. Drink a full glass of water every 1-2 hours (2 glasses if you are in the sun!). Set a timer, make yourself a reminder. Not only will you feel better, but you are continuing to cultivate mindfulness through conscious awareness.


We are all guilty of this at some point in our lives. And we usually realize when it’s too late, after the sun has gotten us. Not only does too much sun exposure create skin burns, but it also dehydrates us, makes us prone to illness, and can deplete our vitamins and energy. The sun is a vital tool to strength and energy as long as we use it correctly! Also remember, the sun is extra sneaky on cloudy days. These are the days when we forget the sun’s power and we get wrecked. When you’re getting ready to go out for the day, incorporate sunscreen application to you daily routine (30-50 SPF as the months get hotter). Always re-apply when getting out of water, and carry hats and light weight cover ups to protect your skin. Make it part of a ritual!


Ah, summer cocktails are the best. It’s so easy to just indulge as you’re hanging out and enjoying life. It’s also so easy to overdo it. This one goes hand in hand with staying hydrated and being in the sun. The sun will naturally deplete you, and alcohol exacerbates that as well. Try swapping for non-alcoholic refreshments every other drink.  Your decision making skills will be in better tact, which is what mindfulness is all about. (Your wallet will also thank you).


What better way to really appreciate this time of year than to just be completely immersed in it?! Walks on the beach or in nature connects us with what is going on right now. Stop and pick up treasures along the way, smell the flowers, connect with the surroundings. Each pause can create a connection, a lasting imprint on our souls, and a  deeper sense to what is in us and around us.


And of course, doing all of this with your favorite people makes it even better. Take the time to put down the phones and devices, and really find the moments to bask in the sunny days with the beautiful people around you. Each laugh is worth a lifetime…embrace, love, let go, and be free!



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