10 reasons why you should go on a SUP yoga holiday

If you’re looking for a fun, unique, active, but at the same time relaxing holiday (because, who doesn’t?!) stop right there, because you’ve find just the one! We’re talking about a SUP yoga holiday – a retreat that will fulfill all these expectations and much more!

As we all love lists and pretty pictures, Summersalt Yoga team has gotten together and prepared one that will leave no doubt that it’s time for you to book that SUP yoga holiday! Here are 10 reasons why you should go on a SUP yoga holiday.

1. Get a different perspective of yoga and water

The SUP board offers a different perspective on two different activities: yoga and being in the water. You can notice the power that Mother Nature has and witness your own power manifest as you adapt to the ever changing water beneath you.

2. Experience the energy of the nature

Speaking of Mother Nature – nothing connects the elements and their energy as being on the water, feeling the sun on your face, fresh air in your hair and the salty water on your skin.

3. Spend 7 days in a place like THIS.

sup yoga holiday

A week in an island paradise does wonders for body, mind and soul. Leave the stress behind and just soak it all in.

4. Challenge your yoga practice

Beginner or seasoned yogi you will find new challenges practicing yoga on a SUP board. Your core and muscles will work harder, you’ll test your balance more and shine a new light of the yoga poses you thought you’ve mastered or thought of just basic.

5. Meet cool like-minded people #yogafamily #yogatribe

Nothing energizes and charges more that being surrounded by like-minded people who share the same passions, interests and good laughs. Bond with people from all over the world and share this new experience with them – because happiness doubles (or triples) when shared!

6. Learn a new skill – SUPing. Chances are – you will get hooked!

No matter how old are you it always feels great to learn something new. And if that something new brings lots of joy, great exercise and being on the beach we’re sure it makes it even easier to get motivated and try harder!

7. Spend every day on the beach. Nothing to add.

8. Laugh and have crazy fun like never before.

Trying this new base for yoga brings so manylaughs you wouldn’t believe! We’re talking child-like, belly deep laughter in situations of slipping into the warm sea after failed attempt to show off your moves, realizing how crazy some poses feel on the board, messing around with the paddle to create waves and just sharing this vibe with the group. And what else do we need in this world if not laughter?

9. Get in shape. Really good shape.

As you’ve already heard – SUP yoga intensifies the practice and your muscles work more, ergo – you’re getting in shape faster and looking better. Not that this is the point of yoga, but hey – it doesn’t hurt, right?

10. Experience a whole new kind of mediation

Forget your meditation app with recorded sounds of waves and light breeze– you’ve got the real thing right here, on your board. Relax and just feel one with the world. Trust us, sometimes this experience gets almost transcendental!



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