Fall New moon – a clean slate

By Milda Urban, Summersalt Yoga founder

New Moon is always a time for new beginnings and intentions – big or small. The first new moon in the Fall – when the transition from one season to another is just getting steam – has a little bit more to it.

For many people it signals not only the end of summer but also a type of a New year – be it getting back to school, to work or simply to your calmer and more balanced self.

The need for that balance and harmony can be quite strong at this time of Fall new moon and it is important to set your intentions clearly and mindfully. It is almost like new years resolutions, only more personal, less boastful and yes – very intentional.

“And suddenly you know…It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings”.

September new moon is the perfect time to start with a clean slate as the moons purifying energy helps us with the reflections and moving forward.

With the help of such practices as journaling and meditation, it creates the light and organic nudge to set out plans, get creative with new ideas and visions.

With the end of the summer and its high-speed energy we also get the chance to slow down and concentrate to truly understand ourselves and where do we want to head to in the upcoming weeks and months.

As fall is harvest season the ground is fertile not only literally, but also figuratively – to consciously plant the seeds of your intentions and to help them manifest. Trust the Fall new moon to guide you through the process.

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