Yoga life drawing class – the art of asana

We’re so happy to announce that during our summer yoga retreats we will be offering a wonderful workshop to all our yogis  – a Yoga Life Drawing Class with Maya Kolega, our lovely photographer, talented artist and just a beautiful soul.

What’s a Yoga Life Drawing Class?

It is an one hour illustration class for both beginners to experienced artists. In the middle of the illustration circle we’ll have a yogi holding four different poses for each person to sketch using charcoal.
Maya will be moving around the illustration circle helping each person individually with proportion, scale and tone. You will leave the class with four finished illustrations to take home with you.
yoga life drawing

Art Therapy for healing

The Yoga Life Drawing class is definitely therapeutical and art therapy on its ow has been a healing tool to express the feelings, emotions and thoughts for a long time now.
Art therapy helps when you can’t express your emotions verbally. Sometimes it’s too difficult to recognize our feelings and moreover – it’s too difficult to name them. Our experiences are hidden deep inside our unconscious labyrinth and are coded by non-verbal symbols. It’s easier to express those trapped emotions when we allow them to rise and with acceptance we ‘transfer’ them to the sheet of paper. Often art therapy is the easiest self expression for people who have physical, mental or emotional disabilities. It helps us to talk through symbols, patterns, textures.
yoga life drawing
Join our Summer yoga retreats and SUP yoga retreats and you will have the opportunity to join these classes and tap into your own inner artist as well as look at yoga and asana from a different perspective.



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