So, what’s happening in Vis and Croatia?

It goes without saying that we simply love our little island of Vis and Croatia, so every time something cool, new, interesting or special happens we’re glued to the screen, reading all about it!

2017 was pretty great and 2018 seem to be starting just as awesome, so we’ve put together a short info-guide of the most talked happenings and events in Vis and the area!

Mamma mia!!!

September and October were beyond exciting on the island of Vis. Why do you ask? Because it served as a set of the Mamma Mia 2 movie. Yes, the tourists and locals were curiously following the production, the movie stars and everything related, but being relaxed and chill place Vis was just perfect for all the A-listers (Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Amanda Seyfried and more) without too much fuss, hassle or attention. Well, maybe just Pierce Brosnan had to pose for a few photos, but he totally enjoyed his time strolling in the town, exploring the nature, beaches, and the food!

Mamma Mia 2 filmed on the island of Vis for 24 days, with more than 270 Croatian film professionals and extras engaged.

We also had an exciting encounter with the 007 and just had to take a photo together (#sorrynotsorry)


The Mammia Mia 2 trailer was released not long after the production wrapped and here’s a trailer for yall’s pleasure!

Vis and UNESCO

Some more great news for Vis came this December – Vis archipelago was nominated for UNESCO Geopark Status! In our humble opinion, it deserves this honor and we’re keeping the fingers crossed.

The area of the Vis archipelago covers the islands of Jabuka, Brusnik, Biševo, and Palagruža as the geologically oldest island of the Adriatic, which (just as Brusnik) is constantly growing under the influence of tectonic activity.

The archipelago also has great biodiversity and landscape diversity, rich cultural and historical heritage, and valuable geological and geomorphological heritage.

We will need to wait until spring 2019 to find out whether the UNESCO Geopark status will be granted for our beautiful island!

2018 EURO Handball championship

Some of our team members are crazy sports fans (we’re looking at you, Mario), but so are majority Croatians and all of them are putting a lot of attention and hope for the National Handball team in the 2018 EURO Handball championship held in Croatia this January.

The matches are hosted in the cities of Zagreb, Split, Varaždin, and Poreč.

Make sure you follow Croatia’s attempt to reach or even top the 2016 championship’s bronze medals! We surely will.


Total Croatia News image

Game of Thrones is back

Recently Croatia had the most exposure for being a shooting place of the cult TV series “Game of Thrones”. Guess what, the production of the final 8th season is coming back to Dubrovnik in 2018 – the team and some of the cast will be in Dubrovnik in February to shoot the last scenes. For those who are not following the show (why? why?) It has been a location for King’s Landing since season 2.

It is announced that 244,415 tourists visited Dubrovnik between 2012 and 2015 due to Game of Thrones and have spent 126 million euros.

If only we didn’t have to wait until 2019 to see how the amazing show ends…Sniff..

Dubrovnik has become a beloved film location ever since, serving as a setting for such movies as Star Wars: the last Jedi, the upcoming Robin Hood and James Bond movies.





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