Meet the artist Catalina: art is a universal language

All our yoga people, let us introduce our second artist in residence – painter, watercolorist and of course yoga enthusiasts Catalina. This talented Spanish girl will not only use her paintbrush to tell the story of our island, our people and our lives, but will also offer a workshop to our guests!

“Art is essential in our world; it is a human treasure. It is a universal language and it can be read through time and cultures. In my opinion Art and music can transcend language”, – Catalina

What’s your story, Catalina?

I’m from the north of Spain, currently based in Madrid. I am a watercolorist and I am also very interested in colour theory. I love reading, cinema, chocolate, yoga, and painting every day.

watercolor artist

What’s your superpower?

I can sleep everywhere and at any time for a couple of minutes and, then, keep going on.

What are your proudest achievements so far?

The thing that I am proudest of is having been able to quit my previous job to become a full-time artist. Just after that, I am really proud of quitting smoking six months ago. I’m very happy to have left behind this toxic habit. I was also really proud when I had my first solo exhibition last year.

watercolor artistWhat inspires you to create?

Daily life is what inspires me the most: my family and friends, good readings, plants and flowers, the power of light, the trips I made, music and cinema. Colour is linked to the experience of light and it has a big impact in the way I paint.

I find beauty easily just paying enough attention. Attention and imagination are key tools for me.

A huge source of inspiration for me is people who have qualities that I admire, qualities that I try to focus on.

watercolor artist

What are your nearest goals?

I would love to illustrate a children book. I would also to continue developing collaborations textile related. Reading the Divine Comedy would be another goal. The same with visit Japan and improving my yoga routines.

I ’m planning to go to India this October to do a yoga course. I would love to teach more watercolor and creativity courses abroad as I did last summer.

Finally, I would love to exhibit in Madrid, where I am studying and living now.

How does art help to make the world a better place?

Art is essential in our world; it is a human treasure. It is a universal language and it can be read through time and cultures. In my opinion, Art and music can transcend language.

You can find more about Catalina here:

@catalamitad and on her website



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