Business for good – can we talk about it?

By Milda Urban, Summersalt yoga founder

Social responsibility, contributing to something that makes the world a little bit better place – especially for those living in less fortunate places of the planet –  has been a part of my focus and goals for more than 10 years now.

There were two main things that I found challenging sometimes, though. First one was the HOW. How can I do something meaningful and impactful besides sending an occasional text message for some charity?

The second one was even a little bit more confusing – is it okay to talk about it and announce publicly that I am doing something to that effect? Is it bragging to say – I am now part of this important organization or I am contributing regularly to this charity?

An important step

When I’ve started my own business these questions became even more pressing. From the very beginning, I wanted to run a socially responsible business, to be a part of something bigger, to contribute, to (no matter how cliché it sounds) make a difference. Even if a small one.

After more than 5 years as a business owner, I was finally in a position to make a larger step in that direction rather than just some sporadic acts here and there.

And to my joy this year we have finally joined a business for good organization B1G1 that creates impacts in places and communities in need all over the world. They do so with the help of various businesses and also give an opportunity for those businesses to create impacts in the area of their own personal investment, interest, and choice.

More about the B1G1 organization and our projects here

Inspire others

I was so thrilled to have finally found a place where our company can contribute consistently and with an out of the box approach. However, I was a little hesitant about announcing it publicly. Is it okay? Does it sound like bragging? Will my say – hey, we’re doing this awesome thing – diminish the intention?

I don’t know if this is a generational thing, but it was so hard to get over these anxieties, being very public about anything is still not a natural state for me (hey, I am at the beginning of the millennial spectrum!).

However, because of my experiences in various organizations and because of my time as a reporter I understand the power of publicity. Sometimes bad, yes, but so many times SO great. By talking out loud and showing what you’re doing good you’re not only spreading word and awareness of the cause – you’re also motivating others to take similar steps.

Businesses today (and people personally too!) are understanding more and more of the need to be a positive impact in society and even if the steps to create that impact seems like marketing sometimes, SO WHAT? If the contributions are honest, genuine and most importantly – needed and effective – it is not a bad thing to talk about them. Not in my book. It is a privilege and honor to do something more and for someone else but yourself and I hope we can continue doing so now and in the future.



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