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Upcoming yoga retreats in Croatia

Balance Yoga Retreat

A relaxing and restorative yoga holiday for everyone who’s looking to take a break from their busy lives and devote some time for self-care. Yin and yang yoga classes, nourishing meals, meditation, massages, beautiful island sights and locations make it a perfect environment to support your time off and so needed healing.

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SUP Yoga Retreat

A twist on your yoga practice – a fun challenge and a perfect swap for the mat on a warm summer day. Yoga on stand up paddleboards with sea as your playground, restorative land yoga, delicious meals, dinners out, summer sun and evenings out on the island make it a fun, active and at the same time relaxing holiday for everyone (beginners or those with some experience!).

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Yoga offerings in Croatia

Host your retreat

Give your tribe an unforgettable yoga getaway and host your yoga retreat with us! We take care of all the logistics – accommodation, meals, tours, transfers and you focus on your growth and special program.

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Yoga drop in classes

Yoga drop in classes in Vis, Croatia. Join us for a drop in yoga class when on the island (May-July and September only).


Our past adventures in Croatia

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