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“Lean into your edges” retreat with Nicole Jones

15 – 22nd June 2019

Join yoga teacher Nicole Jones for an unforgettable week retreat filled with yoga, meditation and self -discovery. The retreat is designed to give you the opportunity to move, breathe, meditate, relax, reconnect to yourself, explore a new culture, eat delicious food and enjoy an entire week dedicated to filling up your cup.

The retreat will let you to step away from your everyday routine and give you time to take care of both your spiritual and physical pursuits of yoga. You’ll experience daily energetic Vinyasa style yoga classes designed to get you to lean into your edges and dive deeper into your physical practice. The week will also give you the time and space to reconnect to yourself.

About Nicole Jones

Nicole Jones started practicing yoga 12 years ago to bring peace and balance into her life. Yoga gave her not only a welcoming and safe feeling, but provided her with a sense of belonging. Nicole fought her inner demons for years. She ran and tried to escape who she was. Yoga has taught her to love, appreciate and value herself in ways she never thought were possible. Through yoga she found the strength to battle an eating disorder and create a healthy relationship with food, her body and learned to love who she is. She never would have thought this would ever be possible. Her journey with yoga saved her and she is forever grateful for what it has done for her. Nicole would not be where she is today had she not stepped into her first class 12 years ago.

She now lives her passion and does her very best to be authentic in her teaching and allow people the space to lean into their edges – to shift – to dive deeper – to expand – to awaken – to wake up their true self and discover their full potential

She believes that as humans we tend to lean into comfort and what feels good, shying away from the ugly and uncomfortable sensations. When we lean into our edges, these areas of discomfort, we give ourselves the opportunity to discover our strengths, abilities and limits. These edges, shadows and hidden areas are where the magic is, where we find the little gifts that allow us to expand, grow, unravel and ultimately shift and change. If we limit ourselves to what is comfortable we risk getting stuck and missing out on our true magnitude and all the yumminess that discomfort brings us. Yoga teaches us how to accept all of it, teaching us to live without attachment to what feels “good” or “bad”, an important concept that can be transferred to our everyday lives.

Included in your retreat:

– Transfer from/to the port of Vis to/from the Villa
– 7 nights Villa accommodation
– 2 meals per day (Vegetarian breakfast and dinner)
– Unlimited coffee and tea
– 7 morning Vinyasa classes
– Daily Morning meditation
– 6 evening Restorative/yin classes
– Komiza town excursion (half day trip)
-Stiniva and Srebrena beach excursions (half day trip)

The retreat


Daily vipassana inspired meditations designed to tune into breath and body sensations. Meditation gives you the chance to create space in between your thoughts. It is common to have a busy mind so giving yourself moments to slow down will have transformative effects in your daily life.

Morning practices

Vinyasa based practices designed to explore and deepen your relationship with your physical body through backbends, twists and inversions. You’ll lean into your edges and explore your strength and power. Practices will be accessible to all levels. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a beginner you will be fully supported while exploring new depths of your practice.

Restorative practices

The evening practices will help improve flexibility, deeply relax the body, still the mind and balance the nervous system. The classes will also help develop compassion and understanding toward others and self.

The Excursions

Boat trip to the magnificent Blue cave on nearby Bisevo island
Dinner out to traditional Dalmatian tavern – trying out local fish specialties and locally made wines.
Experience a SUP YOGA CLASS.

All excursions are optional, please note there is an extra cost associated with these activities.