The New moon yoga retreat in Thailand: how to get here?

As our New Moon yoga retreat in Thailand is getting closer and we’ve put together a short “How to get there” post for everyone. If you still didn’t book your spot – hurry up – we are currently offering special prices (from 1069 EUR for the all inclusive retreat!) and are excited to have you.


Usual trip to Thailand includes flight to one of the many international airports in the Kingdom. Best airports to fly in while traveling to our retreat are: Koh Samui airport (USM) and Surat Thani airport (URT), but you can also choose the Bangkok airports and the fly to one of the other two from there

You can book your flights on any number of web sites – our favorite ones are Google flights, Kayak, Momondo and  Expedia. Make sure you take into consideration the fact you will probably land in Thailand one day after your departure.

If you land in Koh Samui (USM) airport – we have you covered and offer the transfer to our center.

If you land in Surat Thani (URT) airport you will need to get to the island: you will very easily find “transfer booths” right on the exit of airports where you can buy” all-included-door-to-door” transfer. This means that once you purchase transfer it will include all means of transport (bus, boat and taxi) to take you literary in front of our center –you will receive more specific details after your booking.

The transfer from the Surat Thani airport will take about 3-4 hours (including the trip by bus, boat and taxi) as its on the mainland of Thailand. The total price of the entire trip will be around 30 EUR.


Before you come to Thailand you should check do you need and what type of Visa. To do that you can contact your local Thailand embassy as well as look for the information on this website  ).  If needed, visas are issued easily and quickly.



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