Late summer transitional Balance retreats

Friends, even though our summer retreat weeks are coming to an end we still have amazing two weeks in September coming up. And boy are those weeks a treat!

We can’t wait to welcome you to our late summer retreats for a balanced, inspired and flowing transition to the new season

September 14 – 21st

Balance: the nature flow

Welcome the September equinox

Welcome the September equinox, a time when the energy is about finding the balance in all areas of your life. Get your body, mind, and spirit in tune and in a natural flow with nature. Make this transition organic and come back to your roots as well as natural rhythms.  Allow the magic of a ritual create space for peace, love, exploration, and growth.

September 21 – 28th

Balance: new moon magic

Set intentions for the new season

Set your intentions for the nearing new moon and allow the new season be welcomed with a clear mind, hear and body. Use the new moon energy and the changing nature to assist you in this transition and let our yin and yang chakra balancing classes and other sessions bring you the so needed balance. Allow the magic of a ritual create space for peace, love, exploration and growth.

Besides the usual 2 daily yoga classes, island tours and delicious meals we have something else in store for you!

Special sessions and offerings

Circle session to honor the equinox / Circle New Moon intention setting session
Wild morning swim and meditation
Candle gazing
Honoring the silence
A journaling practice

And for those who want some a little extra care – we will be offering special Thai massage and bodywork sessions!

If you’re looking for a week made just for you and are ready to receive the power of nature, ritual and seasonal changes – we are looking forward to seeing you on the island!




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