Introducing Summersalt Yoga’s premier 10-day “Inspiration” challenge

Yoga has many layers, including the very important facet of creative self-expression. How do you find your creativity through yoga? We want to see!

Introducing Summersalt Yoga’s premier 10-day “Inspiration” challenge, starting Wednesday, 20th July!

This one is a little different than other challenges you’ve seen. Join us as we aim to create and inspire.

We will draw our inspiration around the first two limbs of Yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas. Or simply put, restraints and observances.

What are they, exactly?


Ahimsa – Non-harming (compassion towards self and others)

Satya – Truthfulness

Asteya – Non-stealing

Brahmacharya – Continence (moderation)

Aparigraha – Non-covetousness (you have everything you need!)


Saucha – Cleanliness (mind, body, and soul)

Santosha – Contentment

Tapas – Discipline

Svadhyaya – Study of the spirit

Isvara pranidhana – Surrender and Celebration to the higher Self


Each day we will alternate between a Yama or a Niyama, and we want to see your interpretations! (Don’t worry if you’re a day or two late…you can still participate.)

We will collect your photos and feature them across our social media community and in our newsletter.

Here’s how to do it:

– Follow @summersaltyoga on Instagram, where each day we will post a new inspiration challenge photo

– Create your own interpretation

– Be as creative as possible! This is not a literal translation. For example, if a photo of your dog is your interpretation of Truth, it’s perfect. (We love dogs. Send all the dog photos you can.)

– Direct Message us your creative interpretation, and add hashtag #summersaltinspirationchallenge

– Participate as many days as you’d like, just 1 or all 10!

Not so into Instagram? That’s okay. You can still participate! Just shoot us a quick email at with subject line “Add me to the Inspiration Challenge” and we will include you via email. We will also add it to our Facebook page, so be sure to follow us there if you aren’t already.

Need a little incentive?

We have a yummy package of a handmade lavender eye pillow and beauty salves, created from local Croatian ingredients for the most popular photos on Facebook. Whoever gets the most likes, wins. It’s that simple.

Alright, Yogis…assemble!

*By participating, you agree to let us use your image.



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