Happy Holidays from Summersalt Yoga!

Whatever seasonal holidays you’re celebrating – they are almost here! And so is the New Year.

2016 has been an incredible year here at Summersalt Yoga and most of it is thanks to the amazing people who have joined our yoga adventures.

We have a lot to look forward to in the 2017, but right now we just want to take a breath, enjoy the moment, reflect and feel the festive vibes!

Each of us here want to send our wishes to you, our dear yogis, because ti’s the season and there’s no better time for heartfelt wishes!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Leah, yoga teacher

christmas summersalt yoga

My wish to all previous, current and future guests and all yogis (and people in general), would be to find peace and happiness in this coming year; to find peace within and without, and to live and let live around us. I wish that all yogis feel love and acceptance for who we are and that we may surround ourselves with people that lift us up and encourage us to be our biggest and best selves in every way and that we may continuously grow into even more peaceful and loving people.

Vanessa, yoga teacher

christmas summersalt yoga

My Christmas wish to all those out there is to find an inner peace and be free, and to find honor in grace within yourselves and within those around you 🙂

Caroline, SUP yoga teacher

caroline summersalt yoga christmas

Be proactive, healthy & positive. Think ahead as much as possible but not forgetting to live in the present. Enjoy your life and be lovely to the people you love.

Mario, coordinator, tour and SUP guide

christmas summersalt yoga

Enjoy you holidays and spend them with your closest ones. Take it easy making New year wishes and resolutions – keep it real, take upon new challenge, go discover new place or travel to new/different country.

Milda, founder

christmas summersalt yoga

Appreciate everything you have, don’t be afraid to do what you truly want to do and achieve, travel, eat good food, spend time with your loved ones and try to let go of all bad emotions and negativity.



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