Digital Detox Weekend Group!

Like, share, love, scroll, click… Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the constant flow of information and stimulation? Laptops, computers, tablets, phones – no matter how useful and let’s face it – awesome – they are, the downside is real and even painful sometimes.

You know what we’re taking about, don’t you? Let’s do a checklist:

  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty to sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Pointless time-loss and guilt afterwards (hours spent scrolling, browsing, liking)
  • Feeling like your life/you are not enough (everybody is doing all these things and I’m in a rut!)
  • Trouble focusing on longer tasks without distractions
  • Struggle just being still or doing an “old-school” thing like reading a book or walking in the park
  • Physical ailments such as neck pain, sore eyes etc.
  • Insert yours here

If you’ve answered one or a few positively – the first step of admitting it is taken. Now what do we do to take the step towards getting back to normality, to feeling in control, at peace and just simply better?

We can’t just throw the devices away or deactivate all accounts, but we can take control of how we use them and curb the addiction (yes, you are 99% at least a little addicted).

Our 2 cents? Drumroll…We are inviting our Summersalt family to join our bi-monthly Digital Detox Weekends! The weekends when you do not touch your smartphone, laptop, tablet, do not open Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and just do what we used to do 10-15 years ago.

What’s that you ask? Join our Digital Detox Weekend Group and get your old-school life bulletin for reads, tips and inspiration before the weekend so you can feel fully ready and prepped to commit.

Our next Digital Detox weekend is scheduled for the 2-3rd of December.

If you want to be a part of the group – subscribe here



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